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Lori Droessler Real Estate, Inc.

Welcome to Lori Droessler Real Estate, Inc., an independently owned and operated full service real estate business.

If you are thinking of buying or selling in the Southwest Wisconsin area or in Northwestern Illinois, then you’ve come to the right place. I have full access to all listed area properties and full exposure to Multiple Listing Services giving me the most complete picture of the local real estate market.

I know the marketplace and will exceed your expectations. Whether you are buying or selling your first home or investment property, the Experience and Knowledge that Lori Droessler Real Estate, Inc. can offer you will equal RESULTS!

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Photos by Dave Driscoll of Benton
Most of us who were born and raised in the Tri-State area don't give a thought to the fact that we can easily live, work and play in three different states in the timeframe of one day. The Southwest Wisconsin area is unique to the fact that we are close to it all,  yet  we remain rural in our surroundings and strong in our roots and history. Quaint cities and villages, small schools and small-town friendliness abound in the entire area. It lends a feeling of belonging and wholesomeness. Its a great place to raise a family.Tour our area and see why we invite you to make Southwest Wisconsin your home.
My Corner of the Market Summer 2014 Review

Grant & Lafayette Counties have a Spike in Median Prices

Sales decreased in Wisconsin by 2.4% in July and by 5.7% in August from 2013. Locally Grant County saw a decrease of 28.2% in July but an increase in August of 10.8%. Lafayette saw a 17.6% decrease in July, but a huge spike in August of 40%. Although both counties experienced a decrease in July in sales, they both saw an increase in the median price. Grant’s average sale was $115,000 for August up 7.5% while Lafayette’s was $134,200 in July up 39.1%. The state of Wisconsin’s median price for July was $157,000.

Although sales are down again for this month, Wisconsin Realtors Association board chairman Steve Lane stated that this has been the strongest 8 month period since 2007, which is when the recession began. A recent survey showed that first time home buyers have had a surge in the market. For July 38% of homes sold were to first time homebuyers.

As we come in to the Fall months and not far away, winter, here are a few items to make your home more energy efficient:
  • Seal air leaks and add insulation to rooms paying special attention to windows and exterior doors.
  • Improve heating or cooling systems. If your furnace or air conditioner is more than 15 years old, you may want to begin budgeting for an Energy Star system.
  • Make sure ducts are straight, properly connected, sealed and insulated where needed.
  • Replace your home’s windows with Energy Star windows
  • Lighting, appliances, and water heating equipment account for nearly half of your utility bill. Make sure all are fully functioning and up to date.
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